Our goal is to become the leading operator in the air mobility industry with sustainability as our purpose. As part of the Omni Helicopters International (OHI) group, we are committed to being a sustainable company with a focus on innovation, improving processes for more sustainable operations and respecting the interests of ours stakeholders.

We have taken great steps forward in terms of the sustainability of our operations, which take into account ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) aspects, and the services offered to our customers, such as; carrying out patrol and forest preservation missions that contribute to ending illegal deforestation in the country; precision aerial support for the construction and maintenance of the electricity grid, avoiding the devastation of forests; carrying out search and rescue operations in remote areas and commanding drone technologies in order to reduce the carbon footprint.  

In addition, we consistently train our teams and attract and retain talent. We strive to create a safe, transparent and inclusive working environment for all employees.

Omni is concerned with ethics and transparency in the conduct of its business, reflecting this in direct contact with customers, suppliers, employees and other business partners. This commitment is reinforced in our Code of Conduct, Integrity Program and Sustainability Policy, among other internal guidelines.

Find out about our main ESG goals below:


• Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions;

• Emissions to air, water and soil, pollution and waste;

• Energy efficiency;

• Extreme weather events;

• Innovation and technology;

• Resource depletion (including water).


• Safety of people and services;

• Diversity, inclusion and equal pay;

• Human rights (including modern slavery and child labor);

• Local development and community involvement;

• Employee well-being and development.


• Ethics and Compliance;

• Cyber Security and Data Privacy;

• Conflicts of Interest;

• Independence, Diversity and Structure of the Board of Directors.

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