At OMNI, we believe that people make the difference. It is the quality of our professionals that allows us to maintain the ethical essence of our business and offer our clients an excellent service, with the focus on safety.

OMNI Táxi Aéreo S.A. was founded in December 2000, on the principles of Safety, Ethics, Environment, Innovation and Social Responsibility. These values are transported in every aircraft that takes off and are the compass which directs the company.

We offer services to the largest companies in the oil sector, especially to Petrobras, and offer all our clients solutions for air transport, offshore and onshore, anywhere in Brazil, including external cargo and aeromedical transport.

In 2009, we became the first air taxi company in Brazil to receive the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. Furthermore, rigorous auditing programs have confirmed the quality of OMNI’s services, in meeting the needs of clients, flight operation and aircraft maintenance (for which we received legal approval under the RBAC 145).

We are a part of the OMNI Helicopters International group (OHI), a financial holding based in Portugal which administers fleets and investments in helicopter operators, contributing to the development of the oil and gas sector and to global emergency medical transport.


To deliver exceptional customer outcomes from the sky.


To advance pioneering air mobility and delivery solutions for a sustainable world. Crafted by passionate employees, preferred by customers.



We respect life above all else.


Together we cooperate for higher flights.


We value the truth through frank and open dialog.


Ethical conduct guides us and our business.


Exploring new horizons is part of who we are.


Foundation of OMNI Táxi Aéreo in December

Received CHETA Certificate (Air Transport Company Certificate of Approval);

Fleet 1 Bell 212.

Inauguration of company’s first office at the Jacarepaguá Airport – Rio de Janeiro/RJ.

First midterm contract with Petrobras (2 EC135).

Inauguration of the Macaé hangar – Rio de Janeiro.

Inauguration of the Jacarepaguá hangar – Rio de Janeiro/RJ;

Arrival of the two AS365N3s and the two EC135s;

Beginning of seismic operation in the Amazon Forest.

Beginning of operations with aircraft model AW139;

Beginning of operations with large aircraft (two S61s);

Beginning of operations with the two S76C++s.

More than 10 further contracts signed with Petrobras.

Inauguration of administrative head office in Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro/RJ;

Capital injection from British investment group Stirling Square.

Beginning of operations with two new large helicopters (H225 e S92).

Integration of the Senior Táxi Aéreo operations;

Inauguration of the base in Oiapoque - Amapá.

Receipt of two AW139s;

Inauguration of Aracaju hangar/ SE;

Inauguration of new Jacarepaguá hangar - Rio de Janeiro/ RJ.

Phase-out of 3 AW139, 2 S76, 2 H135 and 1 H155 from our fleet;

Ending of operations in Fortaleza;

Inauguration of Farol de São Tomé's base;

Receipt of 1 H225 and 1 S92 aircraft.

Inauguration of JPA 4, our new distribution center (Jacarepaguá Airport);

Creation of Omni Helicopters Nigeria;

Integration of two BHS' aircraft: 1 S92 and 1 S76;

Hiring of new Directors of Business Development (Brazil and Global);

Beginning of contract with new clients: Petrorio, Total, Fairfield and PGS.

Receipt of our first airplane: ATR 42-500;

Ending of operations in Guamaré and Paracuru;

Creation of the Drone Division;

Receipt and beginning of Operations of AW189 aircraft;

Participation in the Rio Oil & Gas 2018 event;

Inauguration of a new hangar in Jacarepaguá (JPA 5) and passengers terminal with VIP room.

Achieved 100,000 flight hours on the AW139;

Receveid EASA Certification for our workshop;

Granted by ANAC the InovaANAC Award;

Farthest flight from shore: 244MN with AW189.

2000 patients from maritime units rescued in the last 10 years;

First international operation in Latin America (Peru);

First operator of the Aircraft H175 in Latin America;

Transformation of 4 aircraft in sanitary configuration due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Receveid ISO 45001 Certification;

Implementation of CO2 monitoring expanding ESG practices;

Partnership established with Nordic Unmanned;

Achieved 4.5 million passengers transported;

20 years of operations.

Expansion of the base in Maricá and opening of the base in Campos;

Jacarepaguá Hangar 2 Maintenance Base obtained approval from ANAC for an engine workshop in the HSI (Hot Section Inspection) services of the PT6C-67C engines, which equip the AW139 fleet;

Start of operations for Petrobras' 'Equatorial Margin' campaign;

Mobilization for the completion of the first international base in Guyana.

Inauguration of the Operational Control Center (CCO) at Jacarepaguá Airport in Rio de Janeiro;

First international flight of the ATR 42-500, covering the route between the cities of Macapá (AP) and Georgetown, the capital of Guyana;

First transportation of a transmission tower module by helicopter in Brazil in partnership with TAC Power Lines;

Winning the first Great Place to Work (GPTW) seal;

New certification for aerial cargo and people lifting operations with an electric hoist;

Obtained approval for a new non-destructive testing workshop;

Highlights in Leonardo's global rankings (AW139 and AW189).


Roberto has a degree in Electronic Engineering and Naval Sciences, with a specialization in Naval Aviation. He has an Executive MBA in Management and an MBA in Finance from the IBMEC Institute. With more than 34 years of experience in the aviation sector, Roberto initially worked as a pilot for several airlines in support of oil and gas companies, accumulating thousands of flight hours before joining OMNI Táxi Aéreo (OTA), where holds the role of Director General. Roberto is also a member of the Board of Directors of OMNI Helicopters International - OHI, a financial holding company dedicated to fleet management and investments in helicopter operators.

Janaina has a degree in Accounting and Business Administration. He holds an MBA in Global Business and Business Management from IBMEC and in Finance from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. With over more than 25 years of experience, she has held senior management positions in large multinational companies, in the areas of Economic and Financial Planning, Controllership, Strategic Management and Human Resources. Carried out relevant initiatives in business feasibility studies and strategic scenarios, maximization of financial results, investments, organizational restructuring, corporate risk management, IPOs and process due diligence. At OMNI Táxi Aéreo (OTA) she is currently Director of Management and Finance, responsible for the areas of Planning, Controllership, HR, IT, Finance and Materials.

Renato has 30 years of experience in aviation, 25 of which dedicated exclusively to off-shore aviation. He began his career as an Army Aviation Helicopter pilot and has been working in off-shore aviation since 1997, having held the positions of Commander, Chief Pilot, Operations Manager and Operations Director in other large companies in the sector. His background includes a degree from Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras (AMAN), a degree in Law from Universidade do Norte Fluminense and an Executive MBA in Business Management and Administration from Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC). Previously, he held the position of Commercial Director at Omni, where he worked as a pilot at the beginning of the company's operations (2002-2004).

Mauro has a degree in Naval Sciences, Specialization in Naval Aviation and a postgraduate degree in Naval Sciences and Business Administration (MBA). Before joining OTA, he worked in the Brazilian Navy for 30 years in relevant positions, such as Commander of the 1st Training Helicopter Squadron, responsible for training Navy pilots, and Head of the Aviation Department of the Navy's Aeronautics Directorate, responsible for for all aeronautical technical matters in the Navy. As a LYNX helicopter pilot, he was selected to serve as a flight instructor in the British Navy between 1997 and 1999. He joined OTA in March 2010 as an H155 Pilot and has since become Chief Pilot, Operations Manager, Director of Operations and now Director of Training & Development.

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a postgraduate degree in Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering and an MBA in Business Management from IBMEC, she joined Omni in 2008 as an Engineering intern. For 10 years, she worked at various levels and with various responsibilities in Engineering, accumulating significant technical knowledge of aircraft and engine systems. She then moved sideways to Maintenance Quality and, after 3 years, was invited to take on an executive position in Fleet Support, where she remained until she accepted the challenge of taking on the role of Engineering and Maintenance Director.

At OMNI since March 2021, Décio has a degree in Business Administration and an MBA in the same area. He has 27 years of experience in aviation in national and international companies. He began his career in aviation working for BHS, being responsible for the sale of the company to CHC, where he led the company in Brazil, reaching a prominent position in the market as Executive Director for 7 years and 3 more years as Regional Sales Director for Latin America . After this period, he took on executive positions in the Executive Aviation market in São Paulo, working for Global Aviation and Icon for more than 3 years, leading different business segments in this market. From 2019 to 2020 he worked for Skytrac Systems as Regional Sales Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.


These are our operational bases:

We have operational bases in a wide diversity of locations around the country, which allows us to promptly meet the requirements of Brazil’s growing oil and gas industry.

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