At OMNI, safety is our first concern, the main priority in the day to day work of our collaborators and for our clients. We believe that we will obtain success by ensuring Operational Safety.

We believe that all adverse occurrences, however serious, can be avoided, and all accidents in the work place can be prevented. This is the reason why we focus on risk reduction in every aspect of our operations.

To obtain this objective, OMNI invests in the consolidation of a Culture of Safety in every sector of the company, based on communicating and reporting any critical risk factor.

EOS - Eyes on Safety

Eyes on Safety is a strategic program that OMNI has developed to consolidate its Safety Culture. The basic concept is that all eyes in the company be focused on safety. In other words, every one of us is responsible and has the duty to recognize that safety is the priority in everything we do.

It is through independent analysis, permanent training, communication and rewards for safety-conscious behavior that we obtain the objective of our Safety Culture being a part of the daily routine of our collaborators.

RELPREV - Prevention Report

The Prevention Report is an instrument for reporting unsafe conditions that can be utilized by our collaborators, clients and other parties connected to aviation. The RELPREV alerts everyone to the issue of safety, helps to establish a safety culture and raises the levels of safety in the Organization.

We believe that a large quantity of prevention reports in an organization indicated a strong Safety Culture, where the collaborators see them as the best way of reducing unsafe conditions and to stave off any potential serious incident.

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We undertake ongoing analyses of our operations with the objective of creating controls to reduce risks to the minimum. The process is divided into five stages: identification of dangers, classification, risk analysis, creation and implementation of appropriate protection procedures.

With effective Risk Management, we eliminate the possibility of potential dangers affecting Operational Safety, hurting people or damaging the environment.

HFDM - Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring

This is an important program that strengthens OMNI’s Operational Safety. Its aim is the systematic reading of the parameters registered on the aircraft’s flight data recording devices.

Monitoring this data is a key component of the Safety Management System, the aim of which is to analyze each phase of the flight, detecting tendencies towards deterioration of the functioning of the system and any deviation from operational procedures which could lead to an accident or incident.

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