OMNI is committed to the protection of the environment in which it operates, maintaining a high level in the Safety and Occupational Health of its collaborators, employees and neighboring communities.

We seek to train our collaborators to develop a heightened awareness of the issues of Safety, Occupational Health and the Environment, taking into consideration the activities of suppliers, society and other interested parties. Our aim is to adapt internal procedures to the best international practices, in order to always prevent accidents and any impact on the environment.


Our Quality Policy is governed by the directive to provide a safe service, and to efficiently meet our clients’ needs, offering a superior service with pro-active management, always seeking to continuously improve our procedures and commitment to the wellbeing of our collaborators.

The Quality Department is responsible for the meeting of the requirements of the Quality Management System in the whole company, as well as the technical requirements of our clients. This is achieved by the Change Management program, the control and dissemination of documents, analysis of client and passenger satisfaction research data, dealing with complaints, internal audits, dealing with failures to conform and the implementation of corrective and preventative measures.


Health, Environment and Safety

Our board of Directors considers the HES policy to be of strategic importance, and thus divulges it so that it is understood and its requirements are met at every level of the Organization. Critical analysis meetings ensure that it is aligned with the aims and targets of the Safety, Occupational Health and Environment policy.

The HES Policy at OMNI is governed by the following principles: leadership and responsibility, observance of the laws, operation and maintenance, information and communication management, assessment of environmental risks, the acquisition of goods and services, training and awareness, contingency and accident/incident analysis.

Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility Policy is based on eight principles which exemplify our strategic position and identify the main challenges for moving forward towards sustainable development. All are aligned with our Corporate Directives – represented by our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our principles are: assessment/prevention of impacts, training and promoting awareness, acquisition of goods and services, ethics, sustainable development, information, communication and continuous improvement.