Offshore Transport

Since its foundation, OMNI has focused on serving the Oil and Gas Industry, transporting passengers and cargo to offshore platforms and ships.

We currently serve all the main components of the exploration and production chain in Brazil, as well as their equipment suppliers and service providers.

With the discovery of new frontiers and oil reserves that are increasingly distant from the coast, our offshore operations have been growing rapidly, accompanied by a change in the profile of our fleet of aircraft to adapt to the new context of the market.

Aeromedical Transport

Offshore aeromedical transport provides an effective means of rescue which has been increasingly used in recent years, as statistics show. It guarantees swift and safe rescue in locations of difficult access.

The human factor is our greatest concern. All our collaborators are highly qualified, which enables us to guarantee an excellent standard of service.

All OMNI’s professionals working in aeromedical transport have basic notions of flight physiology, in accordance with the determinations of the Air Force Health Department, they participate in ongoing classes and flight simulations.

External Cargo

We have aircraft available that adapt according to the cargo to be transported. We offer versatility, agility and safety in the transport of products to locations of difficult access, or inaccessible by land.

For the inspection and construction of gas pipelines, transmission line towers, generators, industrial air conditioning or in situations of terrestrial seismic activity, OMNI can transport cargoes in the interior of its aircraft or with the aid of an external load hook, depending on the type of material, guaranteeing safety and protection from damage.

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