We were the first company of the air transport sector in Brazil to receive four of the most important internationally recognized certificates, in the areas of Social Responsibility, Environment, Quality Management, Safety and Occupational Health.

In addition to the certificates, we have been approved in the Maintenance and Operation areas – a recognition of the intensive investment in the excellence of our services, which started with the foundation of the company in 2000, and has grown according to the demands of the domestic and international air transport market.

International Certificates

We have four important international certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and NBR 16001, distinguishing us as a company which prioritizes excellence in the services it offers.

We have certificates that allow us to conduct unscheduled flights for passengers to meet offshore and onshore demand; provide helicopter maintenance services and transport onboard and external cargo. In other words, our core activity meets all the necessary requirements for certification, and we are thus internationally recognized for quality, safety and socio-environmental responsibility.

Approval of Operations

We conduct high quality operations within the strictest standards established by national and international aeronautical authorities, with ongoing monitoring by the Operations Department and the continuous meeting of the requirements of our contractors.

We have been approved by the National Agency of Civil Aviation (ANAC) through the Air Transport Company Certificate, according to the specifications of the RBAC 135. The excellence of our operations is proved by the constant audits conducted by our clients.

Visits from aviation specialists from around the world contribute to the quality, not only of the service we offer, but also of the flights.

Approval of Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is given special attention at OMNI. Specialized technicians, and modern tools and equipment, make our maintenance workshop one of the best in the air transport sector in Brazil, which ensures the availability of our fleet for clients in the oil and gas sector.

Our workshop is approved under the RBAC 145, which allows OMNI not only to carry out the maintenance of its own aircraft, but also to conduct preventative and corrective maintenance for other Air Companies.