Inauguration of new facilities at Jacarepaguá Airport


Omni Táxi Aéreo (OTA) inaugurated last September 17th a new hangar and an exclusive boarding terminal to support the company's operations at Jacarepaguá Airport. The space has an area of ​​238 m², with boarding room, briefing rooms and a VIP room. It maintains a direct connection with a hangar of 1575 m². The new structure confirms excellence in Omni customer service.

 According to Roberto Coimbra, CEO of OTA, the decision to create an exclusive terminal came from the need to give greater comfort to Omni's growing number of passengers in recent years.

 "We were concerned about offering a comfortable structure for the passengers of the various companies of the Oil & Gas sector, in addition to Petrobras, which already has a large structure inside the Jacarepaguá Airport. One of the situations is that we have expatriate clients who arrive very early and do not find the main terminal open. We believe that our new structure will accommodate all Omni passengers comfortably in an adequate flow: they'll arrive, wait in the waiting room with entertainment, then will go to the briefing rooms and then leave directly in the hangar of the company, where they'll be directed to the track.”

 OTA managers and several companies in the industry, such a Petrobras, Petrorio, BP, Ouro Preto, Seabed, CGG and PGS, among others, were present at the event. Clients and employees were invited to experience a demonstration flight on Omni's newest acquisition, the AW189 aircraft, considered one of the most modern aircraft on the market for offshore flights. From the same family of the AW139 and AW169, the AW189 features high-performance flight and safety, spacious cab and comfortably carries 16 passengers. 

Inauguration of new facilities at Jacarepaguá Airport